Perennial List 2013

  Sizes of containers:                        
 1/2g.jumbo square -         51/4”  2.11qts  1.99  Liters.                
 Gallon Class – Classic 400   73/4”  .98gal    3.69 L            
                     Squat 350              .78gal    2.95 L                              
                    ‘Trade’ 300   61/2"  2.57qts  2.4 4 L                              
 1.6 Gallon – Classic 600       9”     1.6gal    6.06 L   




Achillea ‘Moonshine’       lemon yellow



Agastasche ‘Blue Fortune’      licorice fragrance, long bloomer



Ajuga 'Burgundy Glow'       burg/green/cream



Allium senecens ‘glaucum’      Pink flowers, circle of bl/gr twisted foliage



Allium schoenprazem 'Forcaste'       showy lt.purp.fl



Astilbe 'Tall Pink'



Anemone sylvestris       white flowers, Spring groundcover



Ajuga ‘Chocolate Chip’      blue flowers, great foliage for shady groundcover



Aquilegia ‘Corbette’      Yellow flowers in Spring,12-14in.



Aruncus dwarf form,      white flowers, like Astilbe, 6-8in.



Asarum (Ginger)      evergreen, mottled leaf



Asclepias tuberosa      orange flowers in Summer, native





Baptisia aust.      Blue flowers in Summer, 2010 Plant of the Year



Bergenia       bright pink flowers, Spring, evergreen



Crysogonum ‘Australe’      yellow flowers, evergreen groundcover for part shade



Coreopsis ‘Zagreb’       golden yellow flowers in Summer



Dianthus ‘Firewitch’       bright pink flowers, re-bloomer, Spring thru Summer



Dianthus ‘Greystone’      white w/pink flower parts, Spring





Echinacea ‘Paradoxa’     Yellow Coneflower, Summer



Echinacea ‘Magnus’      large ‘Purple Coneflower’ Summe



Euphorbia polychroma      Yellow, shrub-like, Spring, red Fall color
Euphorbia 'Ascot Rainbow' bi-color flowers, tri-color foliage, tender perennial



Euphorbia griffithii ‘Fireglow’      orange flower, red stems, Spring, red Fall color
Euphorbia polychroma 'Jessie'  yellow flower w/orange edges, red stems,Spring



Geranium ‘Blue Lagoon’      deep purp/blue flowers



Geranium 'Brookside'      purp/blue Summer very long bloomer



Geranium ibericum       dk blue






Ginger Mint      fragrant. Purple flower,  Good in baskets or containers






Carex ‘Ice Dance’      variegated foliage, shade, moist/wet



Carex flacca ‘Blue Sedge’,      6 –10in.



Deschampsia caespitosa ‘Tufted Hair Grass’      shade tolerant, vase-shaped, graceful, 2ft.



Festuca ‘Amethestina’,      narrow leaf with purplish color en masse



Festuca ‘Elijah Blue’      12in.,



Miscanthus s. ‘Malepartus’      reddish plumes to to silver. 6-8ft.



Miscanthus s. ‘Morning Light’      variegated, thin foliage, 5-7ft.



Miscanthus s. ‘Silver Banner grass’      a spreader, 4-6ft.



Miscanthus s. ‘Silver Feather Grass’       6-8ft.
Miscanthus s. 'Little Zebra' varigated, 4ft



Panicum ‘Heavy Metal’      blue/gr foliage 3-4ft.



Panicum ‘Rostrahlbusch’      red fall color, 3-4ft.



 Hibiscus 'Luna Series' dwarf 2-3ft. re, rose, white, blush , hardy
Heleborus mixed varieties



Helianthus 'Lemon Queen'      6-8ft. Lemon yell. Late sum.



Heliopsis ‘Summer Nights’      3-4ft. gold/rust halo late sum.



‘Hens and Chicks’      great succulent for container or rock garden



Heuchera ‘Purple Petticoats’



Heuchera 'Fandango'



Iris bearded  'Sheill's Bronze Age'



Iris bearded  'Sheill's Pink Lady'



Iris Siberian blue



Iris Siberian ‘Pink Frost Top’



Iris versicolor      lt purple/yellow, native to bogs and wet places
Japanese Iris ''Stonegate Purple Majesty"  deep purple, yellow falls, 3ft
Japanese Iris "Light Before Dawn" Purple and White, 3ft.



Kniphofia  ‘Torch Lily’, ‘Flamenco’     yell/red/orange mix



Lamium 'Pink Pewter'      gr/wh leaf, part-shade groundcover



Ligularia ‘Desdemona’      gold flowers, reddish foliage, shade



Lavender 'hardy "Phenomenal" 2-3ft





Lychnis coronaria       magenta flowers, blue/grey leaves, drought tolerant, long bloomer





Lysamachia ‘firecracker’,       red/purple leaves, yellow flowers, very fast spreader, part-shade, moist/wet



Monarda ‘Jacob Cline’      large red flowers ,4ft.



Monarda 'Claire Grace'      lav.



Monarda 'Colrain Red'









Monarda 'Raspberry Wine'       wine red



Nepeta 'Walker's Low' 18in, lavendar blue flowers, long bloomer, mounding habit
Oenothera f. ‘Fireworks’     canary yellow flowers,Summer, deep bronze foliage, with burgundy rosettes in winter



Penstemon 'Husker Red'       white flowers, deep red leaves, Summer



Penstemmon ‘Amethest’      prolific purple flowers, long bloomer, Summer



Perovskia 'Filagran'      purple flowers, upright, long bloomer, good dried



Persicaria affinis dimity      pink bottle-brush flowers Spring to Fall, great groundcover for part shade



Phlox d. ‘Glabberina’      deep pink, Spring, part shade





Phlox m. ‘Minnie Pearl’      pure white, long bloomer and earlier than phlox p., fragrant



Phlox p. ‘Nicky’      purple with white eye



Phlox p. 'Tracy's Treasure'      light pink’



Phlox p. ‘David’      best white! 3-4ft., fragrant



Phlox p.  ‘Catherine’      lt.purp/white, fragrant



Phlox p.'First Lady'      deep pink, fragrant



Phlox s. (creeping phlox) ‘Appleblossom’      pink/wh, fragrant



Phlox s. ‘Emerald Blue'



Phlox s. ‘Blush’



Phlox s. ‘Candystripe’      pink/white striped, fragrant



Phlox s. ‘Coral Eyes’,      fragrant



Phlox s. ‘Emerald Pink’



Phlox s. ‘Lavender’



Phlox s. ‘Martin’s Red’



Phlox s. ‘Millstream Daphne’



Phlox s. ‘Nice and White’



Phlox s. ‘Red Wing’      later bloomer



Phlox s. ‘Scarlet flame’      earliest bloomer



Phlox s. ‘White Delight’





Platycodon ‘Fuji Blue'      balloon-shaped flowers, summer

Platycodon "Astra Pink" 8-10in

Platycodon "Astra Semi-double Blue" 8-10in.

Platycodon "fairy Snow" white with blue streaks  8-10 in.



Podophyllum 'Mayapple'      native woodland wildflower, white flower, green fruit



Polygonatum 'Tall Soloman's Seal',       3-4ft.



Polygonatum 'Dwarf Soloman's Seal',      8-10in.



Polygonatum varigatum,   varigated Soloman's Seal,    gr/white 2ft..2013Plant of the Year



Pulmonaria 'Benediction'      deep blue , Spring, long bloomer



Pulmonaria 'Spotty'      blue to pink, Spring



Rudbeckia ‘Goldsturm’ ‘Br-eyed Susan’,       Plant of the Year ’99, July-Sept.



Rudbeckia maxima ‘Great Cone Flower’      yellow flowers, large cone persists into winter



Rudbeckia triloba         multi-branched br-eyed susan, native to west, naturalizes wet or dry, late Summer












Sanguinaria multiplex ‘Double Bloodroot’      pure white double flowers in Spring



Saxifraga 'Golden London Pride'      gr/gold foliage, pink fl., rock gardens, part shade



Low-Growing Sedums:



Sedum ‘Acre’      yellow flowers, indestructible!



Sedum ‘Bertrum Anderson’      rose pink flowers, stems purple, leaves purplish leaves



Sedum ‘Dragons’ Blood’       red flowers on bronze/red foliage



Sedum ‘Copper Canyon’      yellow flowers, gold foliage w/copper tips



Sedum ‘Fuldaglut’      rose-red flowers, bronze-red foliage



Sedum japonicum       tiny yellow flowers, reddish leaves 3-4in.



Sedum ‘kamtschaticum varigatum’     yellow flowers, white-edged leaves



Sedum ‘John Creech’      early pink flowers, fast grower,



Sedum ‘Larinem Park      ‘early white flowers,



Sedum’Lidakense      Pink flowers, blue/gr foliage





Sedum tricolor,       pink and white flowers, gr/pink/white foliage



Sedum ‘Weihenstephaner Gold’      golden yellow flowers, rosettes are bronze-edged. Long bloomer



Probably a few others I’ve missed!



Tall Sedums:



Sedum ‘Abbydore’      unique plant, rosy pink flowers, 16in., late Summer



Sedum 'Autumn Fire'      reddish flowers, late Summer



Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’       pinkish/rust flowers, late Summer



Sedum ‘Brilliant’     brighter pink than ‘Joy’, late Summer



Sedum ‘Matrona’       Light pink flowers, reddish stems, red-edged foliage, 2000 Plant of year in Europe



Sedum ‘Neon’      deeper, brighter pink than ‘Brilliant’, some pink edging of foliage






Shasta Daisy ‘Becky’      best white daisy, 3-4ft.



Senecio aureus ‘Golden Groundsel’   gold flowers late Spring, purple buds,  moist, part shade, groundcover



Silene virginica ‘Fire Pink’      Bright red flowers, native plant, self-seeds



Sisyrinchium 'Blue- Eyed Grass'       blue w/yell eye



Solidago ‘Golden Fleece’      wands of golden flowers mid-Aug to Oct., part shade, semi-evergreen






Stachys of. 'Pink Wood Betony'      dk pink, long bloomer



Stachys offininalis alba 'Wood Betony'      white, long bloomer



Thyme (common)      great groundcover or edger and yummy for cooking!



Tiarella cordafolia  ‘Allegenhy Foam Flower’      white flowers in Spring, semi-evergreen foliage, Native



Tradescantia 'Purple Profusion'       Wesley Williams introduction, deep purple flowers, long bloomer





Vernonia altissima 'Short Ironweed'       4-5ft., deep magenta flower heads, butterfly magnet! Native plant



Vernonia noveboracensis  ‘Tall Ironweed’        6-10ft., deep magenta heads, butterfly magnet! Native plant